In-Mold Sensors

MoldUni - Ultrasonic curve from the mold interior

Immediately detect changes in the molding process. Contactless.

The exact fingerprint of your molding process.

With the sensor package MoldUni several quality parameters, such as

- the flow front
- the flow velocity
- the solidification rate
- the time of shrinkage

recorded and evaluated at just one measuring position in the cavity. This opens up completely new possibilities for monitoring, optimization, prediction, quality assurance and documentation of your injection molding process.

MoldUni incl. sensor

Easy assembly.

Robust sensor technology.

The sensor is mounted in a blind hole and has no contact with the filling medium. The associated sensor unit can be mounted on the mold or on the respective machine.





Cyclic quality monitoring in injection molds

Together with Haidlmair our sensor technology MoldUni was presented at the K2022 in Düsseldorf. In the mold Sixpack (beverage holder) our sensor technology was used to continuously monitor the component quality. Special features of this component or injection mold are:


  • Use of the FDU (Flat Die Unit) as a hot runner system
  • Combined with Moldsonics MoldUni sensor technology, real-time monitoring and documentation of production through mold monitoring was used
  • Short cycle times due to hybrid built mold (conventional and 3D printed)
Moldsonics MoldUni on Haidlmair Mold at K2022

Click here to download the full application report:

Moldsonics MoldFront Mold

Monitoring of component shrinkage

Since the MoldUni sensor system can determine the exact shrinkage time of the injection molded part from the mold wall, it is possible to monitor the shrinkage behavior

This means that it is possible to determine during the injection molding process whether a component meets the specified shape and dimensional tolerances.

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Questions and answers

How many sensors can be connected to one electronic unit?

Two ultrasonic sensors can be connected to one electronic unit and operated simultaneously.

In which temperature range can MoldFront be used?

The ultrasonic sensors can be used up to a maximum temperature of 120°C. Sensors up to a maximum temperature of 250°C are also available on request.

The electronic unit permanently withstands an operating temperature of 60°C.

Does the sensor need to be serviced or calibrated?

Once installed, the sensor runs maintenance-free and does not need to be calibrated.

What are the dimensions of the sensor system?

Sensor: ∅ 10 x 8 mm, with a cable length of 300 mm (individual, pluggable cable extensions are optionally available).

Electronic unit: 180 x 158 x 47 mm

How is the sensor system electrically supplied?

A supply voltage of 24 V DC is required to operate the sensor system.
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