About Moldsonics

Our history and who we are.

Based on twelve years of research in the field of ultrasonic sensor technology and plastics processing, the three of us founded the company Moldsonics 2021 in Linz.

As an interdisciplinary team of plastics engineers, mechatronics engineers and measurement technicians, it all began with the ambition to transfer state-of-the-art measurement methods from research to industrial applications.

The company Moldsonics produces high quality sensor technology specifically designed to meet the requirements of industrial applications.

Our sensors offer high precision, accuracy and reliability to ensure optimal control and monitoring of manufacturing processes.

In addition, our sensors are rugged and durable to ensure long-term, reliable performance in even the harshest environments.

Our Mission Statement

We design and develop highly innovative ultrasonic sensor solutions for the manufacturing industry.

We promise our customers novel insights through innovative, highly accurate and robust measurement of process and quality parameters, enabling transformation to transparent, digital and climate-neutral production.

Passion, curiosity as well as mutual appreciation on all levels form the foundation for the development of our innovative solutions.

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Moldsonics Ltd.

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