Founder photo Moldsonics GmbH with the three founders

Last week, the time had finally come. After many months and years of preparatory work, Moldsonics GmbH was officially founded. The contracts are signed, the ink is dry and the team is more motivated than ever. Another important step that brings us closer to our goal of establishing ultrasonic sensor technology in the plastics industry.

A brief review: The foundations for ultrasonic sensor technology were laid as early as 2010 with the research work of Bernhard Praher in the injection moulding sector. Intensive research activities proved the enormous potential of this measuring method. Several publications, patents and awards followed. Among others, we were a finalist of the renowned Houskapreis in 2015. In 2017, the urge to commercialise the sensor technology became greater and greater, which is why we submitted an entry to the Edison - Der Preis in 2017. The very positive feedback and the award of the silver prize gave our project a further boost. With the subsequent acceptance into the Spin-off Fellowship of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), we were able to overcome the final technical hurdles and develop the first concepts for implementation.

We are currently in tech2b's scale-up programme, which means we have a strong partner on board for the development of our company. The sensor technology is currently being put through its paces with pilot customers and further improved. By the end of the year, the first commercial ultrasonic sensor technology for the plastics industry should be available.

The founders Bernhard Praher, Klaus Straka and Thomas Mitterlehner say a very loud THANK YOU to everyone who has accompanied and supported us on this journey!

Here's to more successful years!