Moldsonics in Factory Magazine

by | Apr, 2024

Moldsonics in Factory Magazine

We are pleased to inform you that our innovative start-up Moldsonics in the renowned Factory Magazine magazine!

What is Factory Magazine?

Factory Magazine is a leading publication in the industry and technology sector. It offers valuable insights into the latest developments and trends, presents groundbreaking technologies and reports on exciting start-ups and their visionary ideas.

Why Moldsonics?

The latest issue of Factory Magazine explained how Moldsonics increased efficiency in plastics production with innovative measurement methods. Our advanced ultrasonic sensor system offered unprecedented accuracy and helped to detect and avoid production problems at an early stage. This not only saved time and money, but also improved the quality of the plastic parts produced.

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It was an honor to be featured in such a prestigious publication as Factory Magazine. This emphasized the importance and potential of our technology in the industry. We invite you to read the full article and learn more about our innovative solutions and Moldsonics ' vision.

Read the full article in Factory Magazine here.