Admission to the FFG's Spin-off Fellowship Programme.

The research project

Aim of the programme

The Spin-off Fellowship funding programme of the BMBWF and the FFG aims to transform suitable research results into a marketable product in a relatively short time. The programme allows Spin-off Fellows to prepare for the start-up in the familiar university environment for 18 months. In addition to product development, the fellows and future founders are taught the necessary basic knowledge in the area of business start-up and management through training and workshops.

Our project

After submitting the project application, we were allowed to present our project to a high-calibre jury at a hearing and were accepted into the Spin-off Fellow Programme along with 7 other projects from the first submission group - to date the only project from Upper Austria.

The prototype

Sensor: Can be positioned at any distance from the cavity. No direct contact with the melt necessary.

Base module: Contains the developed ultrasonic hardware for 4 sensor positions and analogue signal evaluation of the received signals. The system can be used for flow front detection, determination of the flow front speed and the boundary layer growth speed. In addition to these variables, the cavity pressure curve, the sealing point and the shrinkage time of the moulded part can be displayed.

Digitizer module: If other applications - such as those implemented in the Base Module - are desired, this optional module can be used to digitise and further process the ultrasound data from the tool.

Analyzer module: This module can read in the data from the Base and Digitizer modules and display the data, related to the cycles or cavities, in a browser for further analysis.

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