Sensor plasticizing unit
SonicWear Service - Wear measurement for your plasticizing unit
Determine the condition of your plasticizing screw without interfering with the process.
No slug pulling.

No downtime.

With the service measurement SonicWear you receive exact information about the condition of your plasticizing unit.
This enables

- the perfect planning of the spare parts purchase
- the optimal decision on whether maintenance should be carried out
- the early detection of incorrect settings.

This opens up completely new possibilities for the maintenance, monitoring and documentation of your plasticizing units.

The procedure


A trained service technician from you or from us carries out the measurements directly at your site.


The measurement data is transmitted to us and we evaluate it for you.


We will send you a report showing and documenting the condition of your plasticizing unit.


Wear measurement for extrusion lines

During the operation of plastic extrusion lines, natural wear of the machine components occurs. The constantly rotating plasticizing screw is often particularly affected, which can lead to a deterioration in product quality and a reduction in plant service life. To minimize this wear and maximize the efficiency of the plant, it is important to carry out regular wear measurements.

With good accessibility, the measurement of screw wear can be carried out in full operation with the aid of SonicWear sensor technology.

Questions and answers

How accurate is the measurement?

The gap dimension between the inner wall of the cylinder and the screw flights can be determined with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.

In which temperature range can the measurement be performed?

A measurement in the temperature range up to 350°C is possible without further ado. Measurements above this temperature range can also be carried out on request.

Does the plant have to be shut down or cooled down for the measurement?

No. In the violin part, the measurement should be performed in conditions close to production or during operation.

What preparations need to be made?

The sensor is placed on the outer surface of the cylinder for the measurement. This means that the plasticizing unit must be accessible for the wear measurement.

Air cooling or heating tapes must be temporarily moved or dismantled.

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